Saturday, May 28


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Special Notes
  1. Kindly note that the food served for all the meals is simple and strictly vegetarian without onion and garlic. 
    No exceptions will be made for any inclusions of meat, poultry, seafood in any form actual or alternatives such as fat, oils, powder, broth cubes, dried or any other.
    Any other special requirements related to food, will be charged for.
  2. The university does NOT allow consumption of any psychoactive drugs. 
    No requests regarding these substances will be entertained within the premises.
    The University follows a modest dressing policy, referring to the use of attire suiting to the spiritual ambience of the campus, visitors are requested to dress according the regulations of the same. 
    Visitors shall wear attires that cover their shoulders, upper arms, midriff and legs properly. 
    Casual clothing like short trousers or short-skirts above the knee, low cut T-shirts, tank tops and transparent dresses are restricted on the premises.
  3. Males and females are not allowed to share rooms unless married.